Identify core causes and beliefs

Uncover the fundamental causes and beliefs that drive our design, ensuring a purposeful and informed approach.


Bring everybody along the journey

I advocate for shared ownership, involving everyone from the outset to prevent silos and ensure collective success.


Share often, foster collaboration.

I prioritize rapid sharing of work through quick recordings paired with audio explanations for swift asynchronous collaboration and feedback.


Prioritize actions over endless circles

While I appreciate strong opinions and deep discussions, I lean towards decisive action when conversations risk becoming circular, prioritizing progress over prolonged debates.


Small scopes & fast iterations

I thrive on working in smaller scopes, iterating rapidly to continually enhance our decisions and shipped solutions, fostering ongoing learning and improvement.


Systems over personal preferences

While cherishing delightful moments, I advocate for a systematic approach in the majority and foundation of our output, reserving space for delightful moments where it matters.


  • Jan was on the founding team for Shopify Markets Pro, which created a new way to make global commerce accessible to small businesses. I admired Jan's ability to quickly grasp complex domain context, make tough trade-offs, and design experiments with deep care for our merchants.

    Profile picture of Rohit Mishra

    Rohit Mishra, Director of Product Shopify

  • Jan is both a designer and a leader. While at Shopify, he was the design lead for large, complex, multidisciplinary projects. Jan went above and beyond to deliver quality designs, collaborate with stakeholders, and achieve alignment across teams.

    Profile picture of Megan Dodge

    Megan Dodge, Senior UX Manager at Shopify

  • Jan's work on Shopify Markets Pro was fast, precise, and polished. He took ownership of leading the design, defining all requirements, mapping all flows, and helping create a format of work for stakeholders to align on goals, iterations, and future steps.

    Profile picture of Pedro Marques

    Pedro Marques, Head of UX Shopify Markets

  • Jan created the foundations of our design system, both in the tangible tools to use and in the understanding that our entire product area embraced. Without his efforts, our cross-functional teams would not have been able to work in harmony as they did.

    Profile picture of Jen Goertzen

    Jen Goertzen, VP UX at BRYTER

  • Working with Jan has been nothing short of incredible. His ability to effectively communicate with the engineering team, quickly grasp concepts, and collaborate tremendously has boosted our team's productivity. He is an incredible asset.

    Profile picture of Meko Deng

    Meko Deng, Senior Engineer at Shopify

  • Jan is an exceptional product designer, thinker, and leader with a talent for blending creativity, strategy, and leadership to create remarkable products. He is an empathetic team member, a great collaborator, and fosters a culture of creativity and inclusivity.

    Profile picture of Mahta Moattari

    Mahta Moattari, Senior Product Designer at Shopify

  • Jan is more than just an exceptional designer, leader, product thinker, and teammate - he's an exceptional human being. When he joined our team at Shopify, he instantly multiplied our impact tenfold. Trust me when I say that Jan is a needle in a haystack.

    Profile picture of Ryan Stone

    Ryan Stone, Staff Product Designer at Shopify