Picture from the top showing people walking on the street at Gardens by the Bay.

For my 30th birthday, my partner and I spent a week in Singapore. While I had already been fortunate enough to visit Singapore in late 2022 for work, it was great to come back and have the chance to explore it together.

I took my Fuji X100V with me and tried to commit to the Color Negative 400 recipe by Fuji X Weekly for most parts of the trip. It's a little darker and moodier in some instances, but I love the vibe. While I was shooting JPEG and RAW, all these pictures are the JPEGs directly from the camera with minor lighting tweaks.

While our stay in Singapore was only a week and we didn't optimize for seeing as many different areas as possible, we opted more for a balance between wandering around and relaxing. I'm very pleased with many of the pictures and the vibe they convey.


As we arrived early in the morning at Changi Airport, we spent some time seeing the famous Jewel Waterfall before heading to the hotel. At the hotel, we spent some time relaxing at the pool before heading out for dinner later in the day.

Chinatown & Singapore River

On our first full day, we met up with a friend who was also in Singapore at the time and explored some parts of Chinatown together. As usual, the weather quickly shifted from sunny to quick, heavy rainfalls.

On the next day, we spent more time wandering along the Singapore River. I had some minor problems with my Fuji on this day and needed to reset the settings, which led to some of the pictures looking visually a little different.

Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay, especially Gardens by the Bay, was an area where we spent a lot of time exploring, with dedicated time inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

It's a great and beautiful place. In hindsight, it was probably the day when I took the best photos of the trip.

F1 Pit Building

One of the highlights during my last visit was that the F1 race was just a couple of weeks before my visit. They were still deconstructing some parts after the race weekend, and I was able to see the Pit Building more closely and walk on the track for a bit.

This time, the whole F1 Pit Building was sadly surrounded by a fence, but we were still able to come relatively close and take a look at it.