Last week I attended BeyondTellerand Berlin, which was, as always, a fantastic conference. This year, the opening talk was given by Jeremy Keith, who talked about The Layers Of The Web. This fantastic talk, which you should watch, got me thinking about my tech choice for this new personal site.

Is it essential to use such a massive tool like Gridsome to power this site and future playground? I love Vue, and it can be a fantastic tool for building web-based applications, but do I really need this kind of power, and do I want to make the people suffer who are visiting the website because of unnecessary bloat they need to download to get the Gridsome experience?

I don't think so. I want to have a lightweight, fast, and very dull foundation for this website. Because of that, I removed everything from the Gridsome side and replaced it with some 11ty love. Everything is entirely static and crazy fast now. Look at these two screenshots I took to compare Gridsome and 11ty from the Firefox Network Tab. 🔥 🚀