With a flexible data model, provided by Contentful, I’ve added a new date input to my blogpost model. At first, I tried to get something like an internal or predefined publishDate provided by Contentful. It turned out to be harder than I expected at first.

With a new date input in place, I was able to render a machine-optimized version of a date to my page. The next step was adding a proper <time> tag to every post. With a <time> tag and the corresponding date-time attribute, I have new opportunities. I now can render both a human-readable and a machine optimized version of a date to every post.

After that, I rendered the machine-optimized date from Contentful inside the datetime attribute. For the human-readable side of things, I’ve added moment.js to my project.

With the power of moment.js, I've added a moment(DATEFROMCONTENTFUL).format("dddd, MMMM Do YYYY") function call. With that in place, I can now also render an optimized date formatting for humans. The result of this specific formatting is now present in every post.