Content Source

One thing I always struggled with, when it comes to static site generators, was the lack of visual editing experience. Up until now, I didn't come to terms with only writing and publishing in Markdown files.

This conclusion may seem weird because I love Markdown itself, and I usually choose this way of writing over any other option. The only part of this experience I hate is making all my final editing choices in VSCode, IA Writer, or what have you. It always felt hacky and not right to me for some reason.

Thankfully, in a world full of options, other solutions can bridge this gap for me. One option is a Headless CMS, and to my surprise, there are so many different kinds of Headless CMS solutions out there. 🤯

For the past couple of days, I've looked briefly at the following Headless CMS solutions:

All of these seem quite functional and have their pros/cons. For the time being, I decided to go with Contentful. It is an established system in this area of content management, and the free plan seems manageable for me.

With this post, I successfully connected Contentful with my Gridsome instance. Next up: Dates and a proper RSS feed.