A little progress

I kicked off the year by rebuilding my personal website from scratch. I deleted all the CSS, moved everything back to Kirby, and started anew. I wrote a brief post outlining my goals for this endeavor and explaining why I'm approaching the project with a focus on slow and steady progress rather than a complete redesign in one go. Following this post, I struggled to find time or motivation to initiate the next steps, and unfortunately, nothing happened.

After numerous conversations and lengthy text threads with my good friend Jen about personal websites, portfolios for designers, and everything in between (more details on this to come in a future post), I finally had some time this weekend to revisit my website.

The progress I've made isn't mind-blowing, and the design direction will continue to evolve and change (still aiming for slow and steady progress), but I've reached a point where I don't feel completely embarrassed, despite dropping the ball for a few weeks after dismantling everything.

I've made progress in selecting typefaces that I love and plan to use on my new personal website moving forward. A special shoutout goes to one of my absolute favorite type foundries, Klim, and their beautiful Söhne and Martina Plantijn fonts. All other visuals are intentionally super basic, solely serving the purpose of making the content (which currently consists only of a blog) more readable and overall pleasant to interact with.

As the next step, I need to address some minor maintenance tasks, including fixing favicons and implementing Open Graph support, before delving into the exploration of other subpages like /now or /photos. Overall, I'm content with the progress—taking it one step at a time.