Restart with Kirby

It's already April, my last post dates back to November of last year. With all of this in mind, I came to the conclusion that this site needed a little refresh. Nothing huge, some teaks here and there and a more suitable foundation, so I hopefully can get back to writing more in the future. While I love 11ty and I will continue to use it for all the little websites I'll build in the future, I needed to change the foundations of this very site.

In the past months, I've learned (again) that writing posts in plain old markdown files inside my code editor is cool, but not the way I love doing it. It holds me back and doesn't feel as enjoyable as it should be. I always start with that scary big empty textarea and adding more mental overhead with running the local build server etc. won't help me write more.

Because publishing more constantly was one of the main drivers for my redesign efforts by the end of 2019, I reevaluated this current state and decided to move everything I currently have to Kirby. Kirby is a simple, file-based CMS I already have experience with, and it also got a lot of nice new features (e.g. Blocks) that will help me in the future. Kirby gives me everything I need while also providing me with a solid and easy to use backend where I can edit my draft posts. On top of all this, I can also do it very easily from my iPad with the Magic Keyboard, which I love and want to use more for writing in the future.

All in all, this is mostly what could be considered a foundational change. Besides that, I also tweaked some visuals, but this is a topic for another post.

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